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Greater CWC Chamber Committees

Chamber Committees

While the Greater CWC has a very involved Board of Directors, representing the body of our chamber membership, a committee concept is also in place to allow for member involvement and leadership. Below are various committees that we would encourage you to consider joining.

Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of the Board Chair, Chair-elect, Past Chair, Treasurer and CEO/President. This committee acts on behalf of the full board to address issues that arise between board meetings. This is a standing committee of the chamber, pursuant to the chamber by laws that works to oversee the daily implementation of board policies, guide and approve committee work and recommendations, oversee chamber policies, and increase good governance practices.

Small Business Advisory Committee

The Small Business Advisory Committee was created in 2020 to identify items that make it easier for small business to start and prosper in our community. Small businesses make up a large part of the Chamber’s shareholders, therefore a specific committee for their interest is important. They serve as an advocacy group for small business issues and present topics to the Board of Directors for consideration, develop and initiate educational programs such as our Learn Local events, and meet regularly to identify issues that are recognized by our chamber members.

Ambassador Committee

We are all about community and the ambassadors are the heart and soul of the chamber. Ambassadors volunteer their time to act as mentors for new and existing members to ensure we have a strong business community. The primary goal of our ambassador committee is to promote the chamber, make events enjoyable for everyone, and assist in recruitment and retention of members. Ambassadors attend ribbon cuttings, serve as greeters at all events and most importantly, follow up and visit with new and current members to ensure and promote engagement and connections with other members.

Visitor and Tourism Committee

This committee works together on strategies for attracting visitors by suggesting/implementing innovative ideas for visitors to enjoy and encouraging them to return to the Greater CWC area. This committee regularly reviews Visitor Center finances, Hospitality Tax and Accommodations Tax funding.

Check out the newest idea from our Visitor and Tourism Committee – a Love Local QR Code, bringing visitors to to encourage visitors to explore all the great things to do, place to eat, and stay in the Greater CWC area.

Finance Committee

This committee is chaired by the Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The primary functions are to oversee the development of an annual budget and make recommendations to the Board on various financial issues and processes including but not limited to, investment, re-financing of real estate and personal property and monthly revenue and expenditures.

Marketing and Social Media Committee

Our newest committee – this team works together with our Social Media Content director to provide new and innovative ways to get our chamber message out to our members and the community. This group is all about shopping local, staying local and loving local. The main duty of this committee is to oversee all social media platforms, troubleshoot issues, provide content, and provide feedback and suggestions to the chamber staff on how best to showcase the Greater CWC Chamber online.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is chaired by the Chair of the Board of Directors and in accordance with the chamber by laws shall meet in September to plan the election process which begins October 1 of each year.

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