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Chamber History

During the process of office clean-up and renovations, the Chamber Team found this document in the Archives. ​Written by Robert N. Funderburk in September of 1982, it is a complete history of the first 25 years of the GCWC Chamber of Commerce. We hope you will find the historical aspects interesting.

Click the image to be directed to the full document.


Notable moments in Greater CWC Chamber History:

1957: Formal organizational meeting was held December 11, 1957 at which time By-Laws were adopted and officers elected. Mr. William Trotti is elected as the first President of the newly organized West Columbia-Cayce Chamber of Commerce.

1958: The new Chamber office moves to leased office space on Knox Abbott Dr at a rental cost of $74.50 a month.

1963: A cooperative effort to promote the recreational activities in the area is created between West Columbia, Cayce, Springdale, South Congaree and Pine Ridge.

1965: The Chamber appointed a committee to be known as the Lexington County Hospital committee to see if a hospital was needed in the area and to keep residents up to date on developments. In 1971, Lexington County Hospital opened its doors.

1967: The Chamber joins a study and Board of Directors endorse consideration for park along the riverbank as a “major drawing card for tourism”. In 1978, the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens opened to the public.

1971: Due to the expanded area of Chamber coverage, a motion was made, seconded and unanimously carried that the name of our organization be changed to The Greater West Columbia-Cayce Chamber of Commerce effected December 1, 1971.

1982: Elizabeth S. Keisler, the first woman President, took office in the 25th year of the Chamber.

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