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Greater CWC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Greater CWC Chamber and Visitor Programs is a group of dedicated volunteers who set policy direction for the Chamber and act as a voice for the Chamber membership. We are very proud to have a Board of Directors that truly represents and mirrors our Chamber membership.

An Executive Committee from within the Board of Directors governs Chamber operations.

If you would like to know more about the Greater CWC Chamber and Visitor Programs, Bylaws, or organizational governance, please contact us at (803) 794-6504 or email us today.

Executive Committee


Lindsey Miles

Butch wallace

Butch Wallace


Hayley Bowers


Tom Ledbetter

D. Michael

Dylan Michiaels

Greater CWC Chamber Board Members

Greater CWC Chamber Board Advisors

Debbie Summers

Debbie Summers


Cindy Campbell

At Large


Pastor Eddie Coakley

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